Trinidad Guardian

Thursday July 11, 1985

Baneys at Scotia Centre


RALPH AND VERA BANEY, Trinidad-bon sculptors who have been attracting international attention for their work are seen in picture at right installing one of their pieces at Scotia Centre the new headquarters of the Bank of Nova Scotia Trinidad and Tobago Limited.

Scotiabank to mark the opening of its new premises, is sponsoring an exhibition of sculpture by the two renowned artists from today to July 5, at Scotia Centre, Corner Park and Richmond Streets, Port of Spain following a private viewing yesterday.

Of special interest to the public are the following activities during the exhibition at 5.00 p.m.

Tomorrow — Conducted Tour of Exhibition by Dr. Baney.

Monday, July 15 — Demonstration of Handbuilding by Vera Baney.

Tuesday, July 16 — Demonstration of Carving by Dr. Baney.

Wednesday, July 17 — Conducted Tour of Exhibition by Vera Baney.

Thursday July 18 — Showing of Slides by Dr. Baney; and

Friday, July 19 —Showing of Slides by Vera Baney.